Spring Clean Your Workout

Spring Clean Your Workout

Did you know that rock climbing is incredible for strength training, but not just that, being outdoors in mother nature is so good for the soul too, NOT to mention the high you get from putting your trust in others (and obviously reaching the top) is a feeling like no other! If tacky grip aids are ripping your hands to shreds while you climb or sweaty palms are making you lose grip – you simply cannot afford to let go while you are climbing to these incredible heights; Infinity Grip has got you (well your hands) covered! NO more sweat or tacky aids will ever stop you from reaching the top now!


Hop, skip and jump into spring exercises


Some of you might not have picked up a skipping rope since school days, but this nifty little device is not just a kids toy, this simple activity is actually one of the best ways you can take your workout to the next level.  According to Men’s Health – skipping is one of the most effective cardio exercises around, a study found that just 10 minutes a day with the rope was comparable to 30 minutes of jogging. So next time why not add a bit of skipping into your weight training routine to help you build stamina and cardio, not only will it spice up your workout and give you a break from the mundane, but it also gives you a full body workout that promotes good heart health, too.  You will need to focus on your speed and coordination and most importantly in making sure your hands are sweat free and able to grip that skipping rope like never before, now with Infinity Grip you can.

Callisthenics – what is it and how can it help your overall fitness


Callisthenics is a form of strength training consisting of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups. Some of these exercises don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight, so you can get into it, anywhere, anytime and anyplace. They are performed with differing levels of intensity and rhythm.   If you wanted to use  handheld tools like rings, wands, poles, skipping ropes, kettlebells and more, but your hands are feeling overchalked and dried out, enter Infinity Grip, no chalky baker hands getting in your way, it’s just you, Infinity Grip and your Callisthenics allows for the development of strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.  Pull up’s, push ups, jump squats, burpees, crunches, skipping are all forms of Callisthenics exercises. 


Did you know that Infinity  Grip is used for ALL different types of sports, where a tight grip is vital and can give you the edge over your competitors.  Sports like rugby, golf, tennis and squash as well as athletics such as shot put, javelin and pole vaulting.  Losing your grip (literally) can mean the difference between winning and losing… don’t take the chance.

You have put in the blood, sweat and tears, you ARE ready, with Infinity Grip in your palms; you can now walk onto that field exuding confidence and grabbing that win with both of your Infinity Gripped hands.