Infinity Grip A Personal Touch (My founder story):

We Are A Proud Family Business!

Infinity Grip is a family business which was started by Conny who developed it while she was training for Pole & Aerial at Arnold Classic 2017.

Conny is a cosmetic chemist, so when she got fed up with the other grip aids  that were available that didn’t perform as they promised, or were not available thanks to no stock – she got cracking in her lab and made her own  grip aid that truly did what it promised to do. So, Infinity Grip was born. The first tests were the competition circuits in Pole fitness, and it proved to last  longer and be much more effective.

Conny’s brother, Bernhard, has also joined the business and together we are expanding into all other sports where having a  firm grip is the difference between a great session or a disaster.

It’s been such a fun journey so far, in 2019 Infinity Grip was nominated for Business of the Year at the World Pole & Aerial competition for their contribution to the Pole industry. Infinity Grip is also an internationally recognised and approved Grip Aid.  Our aim is to grow and support all sports and have sponsored many competitions and athletes to perform at their best on the World stages.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

We all like to know what really goes inside the lotions and potions we use on our bodies, with Infinity Grip, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly where your Infinity Grip comes from and the ingredients inside.

We control the entire process, from development to manufacturing and packing. Did you know it contains alcohol? The alcohol will help to disinfect  and act like an antibacterial agent. Great for use in gyms where you may be a  germ ninja and worried about who left their sweaty DNA all over the equipment. Bonus -It is also Silicone Free and smells AMAZING!


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