Train together in a group (Motivation)

When we exercise alone, it is much easier to take the easy route or skip a session. But when you exercise with a group or even just one other person, there will be some social pressure if you have to cancel or take a raincheck, you have to show up because you have people depending on you. They also provide camaraderie, and having a laugh makes for a good distraction from cold weather.


Plan Plan Plan

When it comes to working out in mother nature, try and check the weather forecast for the week and plan accordingly. If you train in the morning, bear in mind to plan the night before; having the appropriate clothing laid out and ready for you when you wake up makes the routine a little easier. Oh, and very important, remember to pack yourself a snack. Each step you take is just that much easier if it is all planned beforehand.


Put your active wear on as soon as you get home from work.

If you train after a long day’s work, a simple way to convince your brain to get moving is by putting on your exercise gear IMMEDIATELY upon your return home. The idea behind this, is that it would be so much more difficult to take these clothes off without having done some form of exercise.  


Choose a Jammin’ Alarm song.

What song makes you feel like dancing or puts you in a great mood when you hear it? Try and download this song and use it as your alarm clock in the morning! This is bound to get you out of bed (on the right side)) and stop you from hitting that snooze button.


If you battle to exercise after work, try in your lunch break.

Working out in the middle of the day, when it’s warmer and brighter, can be a great alternative to the morning or evening exercise.

You can also mix it up and do a lunch break activity once a week to keep things fresh.  



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