Have you ever been busy with your gym work-out, lifting weights or halfway through your circuit routine,  and felt that your performance was pretty average, your very own palms were working against you and you just couldn’t “get a grip” ?


Do you enjoy pole fitness, gymnastics and acrobatics, these are the type sports that get your blood pumping, but you just can’t seem to overcome your grip problems while trying to do a spin combo?

Don’t SWEAT IT!!!

Infinity Grip is here to save the day and I am going to tell you how

With our AMAZING and innovative product, we will help you to maximise your performance and give you the confidence you need with a steady hand to perform at your best. 

Our product will give you dry, sweat free hands to ensure your hold does not let you down, that you have that sure, steady and confident grip you have been searching for, that consistently remains firm.

An added bonus to our product (especially in these times of Covid 19) is that It contains alcohol, so it will help to disinfect the equipment and act like an antibacterial agent. 

If you are  a germ ninja and worried about who left their sweaty DNA all over the equipment – this should put your mind completely at ease, not to mention, our product is also completely Silicone Free!

Our product contains Peppermint Oil which is invigorating and boosts the mind to give you the mental strength to match your power grip. 

It is even effective in the rain, no need to cancel your bootcamp plans when the weather is…well a little under the weather.

Infinity Grip is suitable for all sports including 

CrossFitA form of high intensity interval training, using a lot of equipment that can really do a number on your hands

Gymnastics – Still rings, vault, parallel and horizontal bars, the balance beam and many more all require the perfect grip.

Rhythmic Gymnastics – The ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs and rope.  Yes we all know that the art of throwing these with precision is key BUT, don’t let your  sweaty palms make you “drop the ball”

Weightlifting – without a firm grip on your barbell, even the slightest of  weights could slip right through your fingers.

Calisthenics – trying to grasp a pull up bar with wet hands is definitely clutching at straws, you might as well walk away from the bar.  

Pole Dancing – you have been trying to get that “perfect Instagram shot” of you doing the Anastasia Frog… but, at the last second before you get that shot, your sweaty hands take you down!

Rock Climbing – not as glamorous as Pole dancing, and a bit more of a – how would we put it… LIFE OR DEATH situation if your hands slip!! “What on EARTH are you doing, get down from there and get yourself some Infinity Grip…Like NOW!!!

Tennis – you don’t have to be Roger Federer or Raphael Nadal to enjoy a good game of tennis old sport, being outdoors in the sun, running from one side of the court to the other can really make you sweaty.

Squash – A bit of an aggressive game if you will, don’t wipe your hands on the wall – we have just the stuff for you.

Golf – Tired of wearing your glove, but can’t do without the grip!?

Cycling – It’s 5am and you have set off on your journey, you have a long  ride of 83. 7km and a hole in your cycling gloves! Chuck em, you won’t need them when you have your bottle of infinity grip in your bag.


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