Your Covid-19 fitness plan

Lockdown, social distancing, self-isolating, and the closure of many gyms, boot camps, and even beaches have made it harder to exercise and stay in tip-top condition, I don’t know if it is just me, but it has also made eating anything and everything in the kitchen much easier?!

BUT have no fear – Infinity Grip Blog is here. These tips can help you to keep active and healthy during this difficult time.

Many of our work out routines remain restricted during this pandemic, and it can be challenging to even find the motivation to exercise. We have the challenges of working from home, kids not at school and all routine has gone out the window as well as limited access to fitness facilities, so sticking to a workout routine might seem downright impossible, not to mention the fact you are probably missing the camaraderie of the gym, or the social connection from walking on the promenade with your friends.

Maintaining a physical routine at home can seem more like a ‘should I?’ than an ‘I really want to’ at the moment. However, even the smallest amount of activity can make a huge difference in how well you feel and think. Exercise is probably one of the most powerful tools we have for keeping physically and mentally fit, as it helps to ease depression, stress, and anxiety.

Here are some tips on how you can be in charge of your mood as well as regain a sense of control during this time of absolute craziness!

  1. Build More Movement into Your Day

Include household chores into your sitting time: vacuuming a room, scrubbing a sink, doing some garden work (believe me, I didn’t realise the muscles I was working out, while I was weeding the garden (weeding is not for sissy’s), if you can, put some music on while you do it.

While you are working, try moving around, walk around the garden while you are on a call, stand up for a zoom meeting, do some squats or lunges while you’re waiting for a meeting to start (perhaps leave the camera off for these!), or do jumping jacks in front of the TV during the adverts, every little bit counts.

Try short bursts of movement – like countertop push-ups while you are waiting for the kettle to boil or toast to pop up or all the popcorn to have popped.

  1. Join the Kids Playtime

Play catch or tag; do some laps in the pool. If your kids are old enough, take them for a bike ride, play some basketball, netball, or kick around a soccer ball as a family. Not only does this help your activity levels and get you out of your slump, but it will also help the kids with the anxiety that is plaguing them from hearing all about covid-19 and its effects on their loved ones and their lives, and it will take the focus away from schoolwork for a little bit of fun.

  1. Try Something New

Have you ever wanted to try barre exercise, The Jerusalema Challenge, boxing, pilates, or yoga? Why not Find a free video online, subscribe to an online class, or download an app to guide you from the safety of your own home.  The BEST thing about this is that you will feel more comfortable trying something new when no one else is watching, AND you might just find your new passion! Don’t be scared to try something outrageous!!!

In our current situation, it is entirely normal to feel a little frustrated – Don’t be hard on yourself, give yourself a little credit….celebrate the small victories (you got out of your jammies this morning, HOORAY!) and keep experimenting with new workouts until you find something that you love, try focus on how much better you’ll feel after a little exercise (no matter how slight).

And remember: the healthy habits you create now can help you to stay healthier and happier far beyond this global pandemic.


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