SURPRISING Health Benefits of Christmas

The festive season often has a negative reputation when it comes to our health, yet Christmas could actually be good for you!

And here are eight reasons why…

We SING!  

Whether it’s a carol service or a festive karaoke session, a singalong at Christmas is great for our health and well-being! Besides having fun and a good laugh, singing has psychological benefits when people sing together. Part of the warm fuzzy feeling is the increased sense of community, belonging and love!

We Spend QUALITY Time With Family & Friends 

The festive season gives us that well-deserved break to make time for that coffee date that just never seems to happen! The happy season allows us to make time for the people we love and care, and just simply enjoy each other’s company. The benefits this has on our mental health and well-being are endless!

We Give Gifts

Who doesn’t love giving or receiving gifts! Something about the festive season leaves even grown-ups feeling giddy and excited to give and receive gifts. Giving and receiving makes us feel good, and as a result, our brain releases oxytocin and dopamine as a result of this meaningful interaction. Even when we’re buying or making small gifts, that thoughtfulness can boost our well-being.

We’re More ACTIVE

Although Christmas is notoriously associated with lethargy, overindulgence and being slumped on the sofa for hours. We actually spend a lot of time on our feet. This often includes hours of shopping for festive gifts. Don’t forget, walks, beach trips and playing games with children are fantastic at this time of year and will help to keep all the family active.


We Actually Eat More Fruit & Veg

Try having fruit for breakfast and shake up your go-to snacks by opting for satsumas. No Christmas dinner is complete without carrots and other veg, so you’ll have your 5-a-day (and more) ticked off in no time!

Catch Up On The Zzzzzzzz

The festive times also allows us to hit that well-deserved snooze button-guilt free! Catching up on an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning or a mid-day nap is the perfect way to catch up on rest we neglected to have during the demanding months of the year. So use it well!

Play Games

Playing board games can also help to keep your mind sharp! Games help us connect, as we often face each other and make eye contact. Choose one that suits everyone instead of allowing the loudest voice to dictate what everyone does.

Develop & Maintain Family Traditions   

Whether it’s purchasing a new tree decoration, wearing a festive jumper or watching a favourite Christmas movie, these traditions become important as we savour the moment, honour memories and welcome the new into our lives.

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