Bouncing Back To Gym? Here’s What You Must Consider!

For many of my fellow fitness freaks, the level 2 announcement has been received with great excitement, offering us the opportunity to get our fitness game on! It’s a sigh of relief to have a small sense of normality back, but we must remember to be vigilant. After all, nobody wants to experience the challenge of a second wave…

So as you make plans to re-join the gym world, here are a few guidelines to keep you safe while you enjoy your workout:

Familiarise Yourself With Your Gym’s Rules And Safety Protocols

Some gyms are doing temperature checks before entering the facility or mandating when certain groups of people can work out at one time.

Don’t be surprised if you see locker rooms, restrooms, showers, saunas or common spaces closed.  This will be done to avoid high-traffic areas to reduce your risk of exposure.

Wear Your Mask

Some gyms will ask their members to wear face masks, so be sure to ask your gym what the procedure is. Face coverings protect those around you in case you’re carrying the virus and don’t know it, but it does present a unique challenge when it comes to working out in one!

Bring Your Own Towel And Water Bottle

Avoid water fountains and be sure to bring water with you and make sure it’s enough to last for your entire workout. Remember to bring your own towel if you need it, however, be mindful about where you place it, especially if you’re wiping your face with it. To be on the safer side, use a disposable paper towel instead of a normal gym towel.

Social Distancing

Most gyms and health clubs are required to space out machines and equipment so that people are a healthy distance apart. Make an effort to maintain your distance at all times, even from your favourite gym buddy! We know it’s hard, but you are protecting them, you and your country.


Wipe Wipe Wipe!

Gyms have amped up their game by provided more sanitation stations throughout the facility. Clean and wipe down everything you touch before and after use. Rather be safe than sorry! Top Tip: Infinity Grip is also a powerful disinfectant for gym equipment, giving you maximum hold while beating the germs!  You can spread it over your hands and then rub it over the gym equipment too.

Have A Gym Plan

In the new normal you’ll want to reduce your time in the gym to minimise your exposure. So get in, get your workout done and get out. Go in with a workout plan and know what equipment you’ll need to use.

Be Vigilant With Group Classes

Find out if your gym has minimised class size and what the protocols will be taken for the classes.

If You Are Sick – Stay Home!

If you have been experiencing such as a fever, shortness of breath, coughing or have diarrhoea, PLEASE stay home. Protect yourself and others.

Speak Up If You Need To

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, speak up. If protocols aren’t being followed, it’s OK to decide that the gym isn’t for you right now.

Golden Rule: Make sure you’re not touching your face during your workout and that you’re practising good hand hygiene. Using a product like Infinity Grip gives you the best of both worlds by acting as a disinfectant for your hands and equipment while helping you get a firm hold on workouts that require a strong grip.

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