Snippets from Arnold Classic 2019

I think that Arnold Classic Africa 2019 will always be remembered for the one where Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger got drop kicked while watching an event.

This was shocking to all of us at the event. How can you want to cause any harm to the man who has created the biggest sporting event in the world, and who brought it to South Africa and attends it as well?

I was a few floors down when friends started saying they saw it on social media or the news.


On a brighter side…

It was the most incredible expo! I loved the energy of all the athletes and so many personal bests being scored at all the various competitions.

It was an honour to be a sponsor for the Pole & Aerial competitions, all the participants were absolutely amazing. I was in awe with their strength, grace and incredible routines.


It is difficult to perform an emotional and breath-taking performance in such a huge venue, but these dancers pulled it off!  I loved watching the performers and seeing the reaction of the audience. The sport is growing in South Africa and being recognized for the incredible sport it is.

My vision is to continue growing Infinity Grip so that I can sponsor and support more sporting events and sporting codes. It truly fills my heart and soul to be able to make other people’s dreams come true. I always dreamt of being a professional dancer. My mother said that I could do the twist before I could walk and dancing has always been such an integral part of my life.


I wasn’t cut out to do it professionally, and what I lacked in talent, I certainly did my best with hard work. My path took me on a different journey, but my heart is still beating a dancer’s rhythm. The path my life took can make it possible for others to showcase their talents to the world, and I want to be a part of making it happen. That is the soul and essence of what Infinity Grip is about. It doesn’t matter what sport, the reason I created a product that can be used across so many sporting codes is to share the passion and love for all sport.

If you came to the Infinity Grip stand, I’m sure you took part in the Win ‘n Spin challenge. There were some disappointed people having to do penalties of squats, pushups or a move on the pole. Which one did you do?


I had a mobile pink pole at my stand, sponsored by Fresh Concepts, and what it hit it was! Not only did I get to play whenever I got a chance, but so many people who had never tried pole could try a move or two and realize that it isn’t so scary…

It was also the best prop to show how incredible Infinity Grip is. As soon as anyone tested some on their hands and then grabbed the pole, the amazement on their faces was so rewarding. The surprise and delight that finally, there was a product that could help them perform.


CrossFit and Strong Man competitors kept racing back to the stand to use the tester before their competitions. Many of them came back to brag that they had moved up a few slots in their category. Now that is what I call Maximizing Performance!

The last thought I had when creating Infinity Grip was the Peppermint Oil, yet that is the first thing everyone loves, the smell.

How did Infinity Grip help you at the show, or after? So many regular gym users loved it as well. Imagine – no more sweaty, horrible germs on those dumbbells or rowing machines. Yes, please!!


If you were there, or not and because I am still on such a high from the whole event I want to extend the show special of 20% off when you buy Infinity Grip.

Email me and quote the promo code: Arnolds2019 and I will give you the discount. info@infinitygrip.com

This is valid until 30 June 2019 and excludes delivery. (Delivery is charged at R 50 anywhere in South Africa).

So get your friends together and order for one delivery!

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to share your amazing Arnold Classic Africa story, either on the Facebook page, Instagram or mail me and I will share it.


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