Arnold Classic Africa- Where Champions Are Made And Ideas Are Born!

Two years ago I decided to take my passion for pole dancing to a professional level by competing in the Arnold Classic Africa sporting event. It was such an honour to be part of an event of this magnitude; I could hardly contain my enthusiasm, loving every moment of training and competition hype! My competitive spirit was triggered.

Throughout my training for the competition and albeit slipping and falling, I became aware that I needed an affordable and accessible product that would assist me with having an effective grip. It was in these moments that the idea of Infinity Grip was conceived.


I desired to create a product that was both effective and smelt great, so I immediately got to work on my newfound idea. The following weeks were characterised by research and development, and soon I found my product at its final stages.

In my preparation for the Pole Art competition, I decided to trial and error Infinity Grip until I got it perfect! In fact, I used only Infinity Grip throughout my Pole Art routine and found it kept my grip strong even through my nerves and fears about some of my most difficult moves.


A few months later I officially launched Infinity Grip!

It has been an amazing and personal journey, and an honour to now give back to the Pole community by sponsoring an incredible event like Arnold Classic.


I will be exhibiting Infinity Grip at the event and will be offering incredible prizes and expo discounts.



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