For The Love Of Being Fit And Happy

Like it or not, regular exercise is known to promote good health. Sweating and frowning while doing your push-ups may do more than just keep the doctor away.  Research states that there is a connection between being physically fit and being mentally happy. But can we exercise ourselves happy?


Happiness is different for everyone. But researchers state that happiness lies in your genetics and a range of other factors that include things like income, marital status, religion, and education. One of the most significant predictors of happiness is physical health. Physical fitness gives your body the ability to fight off sickness and disease, maintain a hormonal balance, and manage stress all contribute to self-satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why people who exercise are happier than the average Joe. Working out incites the production of disease-fighting antibodies, that destroy bacteria and viruses. So people who stay active are equipped to combat sickness and stress, a key component of happiness.

When exercising sex hormones, such as norepinephrine are released, which improve mood and produce a sense of well-being. Working out can also increase happiness levels reducing stress. When we exercise, our bodies burn the stress hormone cortisol. When we stress excessively, we develop high cortisol levels. These high levels increase feelings of nervousness and anxiety while reducing motivation and immune function.

It’s not certain how much exercise guarantees happiness. Some say 30 minutes of moderate exercise can reduce depression and anger. Sadly, even gym bunnies aren’t guaranteed a stress-free life.

Workouts may provide some form of happiness, but it’s not the only cause of a smiling face. Although being physical activity is one of the most significant contributors to our sense of well-being, A also a sense of belonging and purpose, financial security, and positive social interactions are also a huge factor.

It may also stand to reason that happy people tend to work out more than others and exercising doesn’t necessarily make them happy. Exercising may also become an addiction to some who are constantly after the high.

Whether happiness is amongst the numerous advantages of exercise, it’s worth taking a walk around the block or a spin on the bike. If nothing else, the change of scenery may be just the mood boost we need.

Working out generally keeps us healthy, reduces stress, and even provides a little high. But remember exercise isn’t a cure-all, it’s important to focus on every aspect of happiness and live life holistically.

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